Marijuana, Recreational Use: Cannabis News in New Jersey?

New Jersey is officially the fourteenth state to approve the possession and use of cannabis for adults 21 and older. On November 3, 2020, voters made their voices heard and approved the Marijuana Legalization Amendment. Despite lawmakers’ over-examination of every detail of the bill since last February, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory, Enforcement Assistance, and Marketplace Modernization Act (S21 2R) into law.

What Does the New Cannabis Law Allow?

New Jersey residents with proof of ID are allowed to possess up to six ounces of cannabis or 17 grams of hash. Additionally, S21 2R put a structure in place for the legal market which states:

“An Act concerning certain criminal and civil justice reforms,
particularly [with respect to] addressing the legal consequences
associated with certain marijuana and hashish offenses as well as
[broadening] raising awareness of available expungement relief,
and amending and supplementing various parts of statutory law.”

Persons 21 and over with a registered medical cannabis card living in New Jersey may now consume cannabis, without fear of arrest, on private property and expungement policies are even in the works.

Holding a medical cannabis card is the only way, currently, to purchase weed legally in the state of New Jersey. Obtaining your medical cannabis card can be done safely and cost-efficiently in 3 easy steps with the help of the professionals at Dr. Robert Fortino’s Office.

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When Can I Buy Weed Without a Medical Marijuana Card?

The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission took a year to announce its first set of rules mere days before its deadline of August 21st. Jeff Brown, Cannabis Regulatory Commissioner, told, “To meet the deadline, the commission drafted the most necessary regulations. They will continue work on the full rules to guide delivery, distribution and wholesaling.” One of the Commission’s top priorities is to create rules that support local entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds in order to promote and social and racial equity. The Commission has 180 days from August 21, 2021 to select a date to begin cannabis sales for non-cardholding adults 21 and older and that date is quickly approaching: Feb 17th, 2022.

Commission Chair Dianna Houeno indicated that more information regarding the application process to license new businesses will be coming in the next few weeks. New Jersey residents may be able to buy from one of the state’s already licensed medical marijuana operators only if the location can prove they have enough product to meet medical patient demands first; medical cannabis will be favored until there is enough product to meet full demands.

New Jersey has a record of stalling when it comes to cannabis issues, mainly due to former Governor Chris Christie. Governor Murphy, however, has been trying to increase the size of the medical cannabis program, but a 2-year lawsuit has been making the process difficult. As of September 2021, cannabis will not be legally open for sale to non-medical customers any earlier than 2022.

What Will I Be Allowed to Buy and Do in New Jersey?

When retail cannabis markets finally do open, customers will be permitted to purchase and possess up to one ounce of a cannabis product even though the current possession amount in New Jersey is six ounces. This disparity arises from two different pieces of current legislation.

The new rules recently released by the Commission also states that any cannabis infused items “resembling food,” such as edibles, are not allowed. You will be allowed, however, to smoke weed on private property, such as your home or the home of a friend.

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