Migraines Made Better with Medical Marijuana

The excruciating pain, the blurred vision, the nausea, the need for total silence and darkness—migraine sufferers are no strangers to these feelings. Sadly, many traditional migraine prescriptions are either ineffective or yield serious side-effects. There is another option: medical marijuana.

How does medical marijuana ease migraines?

The brain has natural network of cannabinoid receptors, which are spirals of proteins that affect how the body feels pain. Marijuana, also called cannabis, has natural compounds called cannabinoids. When cannabinoids enter the body, they seek for the receptors, bind to them, and alter their functions. The result of this process– pain signals are calmed. Not only the pain of migraine, but The National Academies Committee on the Health Effects of Marijuana concluded that there is “conclusive evidence” that cannabis is effective for the treatment of chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, muscle spasms, and other health issues.

Who has recently tested the use of medical marijuana?

In a 2019 study in the Journal of Pain, researchers from Washington State University found that not only does medical marijuana decrease headache frequency and severity, but also chronic migraine frequency and severity by nearly 50%. Almost 1 billion people worldwide experience recurring migraines. migraines are the third most prevalent illness worldwide, so finding relief from this debilitating condition is crucial.

In 2021, The Pain Physician Journal reported a clinical trial that revealed medical marijuana reduced migraine symptoms, medication consumption and impact on daily life, while also enhancing sleep quality. Researchers also found that cannabis oil was more effective than cannabis flower as a treatment option, and that smoking and vaping were more beneficial than edibles in most cases.

How can I obtain medical marijuana?

In order to safely and legally obtain marijuana in NJ and PA, a medical marijuana card (MMP) is required. A medical marijuana card (MMP) can easily and affordably be obtained in Pennsylvania and New Jersey with the help of Dr. Fortino and the professionals at The Green Alternative Doctor. Offices conveniently located in South Jersey and Philadelphia, The Green Alternative Doctor is your premier source for quality service.

Dr.Fortino’s knowledgeable staff can provide cannabis education for both the product and process. The Green Alternative Doctor and staff will be there to navigate each step of the way.

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