Getting Started with Edibles

Not everyone is interested in smoking medical marijuana, and some patients may have conditions that prevent them from doing so. As medical marijuana is swiftly becoming legal across the US, cannabis infused food and drinks are flooding dispensaries and shops.


However, edibles can be intimidating. Their reputation precedes them; intense highs, psychoactive effects, unclear dosing. These concerns while valid, are easily addressed with a little bit of knowledge. The key to enjoying edibles?  Start LOW, and be PATIENT.


Start Low

When you eat THC your body absorbs it differently than when it is inhaled. When ingested, the THC is absorbed in the digestive tract. It then moves to the liver, where it is converted into a new substance. This substance crosses the blood-brain barrier very easily resulting in a more intense high. When inhaling THC, it is absorbed in the lungs and passes directly into the brain. This explains why edibles don’t always perform the same way as inhaled THC does.


Because of this difference in absorption, edibles can be consumed in smaller doses. Because consuming an amount that is too high can be uncomfortable, it’s important to understand how to dose edibles. A 10 milligram dose of THC is considered standard. Some edibles contain as much as 100 milligrams. Edibles containing these large doses should be split and consumed over time.


A great starting point is a dose of 2.5milligrams or lower. This is referred to as a microdose. Microdosing may prevent an uncomfortable experience because doses this low usually produce no psychedelic side effects allowing users to manage their condition comfortably.  As you begin to understand the effects of edibles on your body, you can begin to consume larger doses to obtain the desired relief. Experimentation is an important step in finding what works best for you.


Be Patient

Edibles often take 30 minutes to two hours for their effects to be felt. Once you’ve chosen your dose, wait before consuming more. It will take time for the effects to kick in. Because the THC has to be digested in the stomach and processed in the liver there are many things that could determine how quickly the body processes it. What food the THC is in, what it is being consumed with, how fast or slow your digestion is, your body’s unique chemistry, sleep, and stress can all have an impact. The effects of edibles also tend to last longer and provide longer lasting relief to chronic symptoms like pain, making them a preferred choice for medical patients.


A Culinary Journey

While most well known for being baked into brownies, you can infuse almost anything you make at home that calls for butter or oil in the recipe. Menus are showing off culinary genius and new recipes are popping up every day. It is easy to do a quick Google search to find delicious lemonades, cookies, soups, dressings, and more!


Not a cook? No worries. Edibles are readily available in dispensaries. You can find THC in sparkling water, lemonade, crackers, candy, mints, tea, desserts, and so much more. Edibles can be an enjoyable way to manage your condition, and delicious too!